I work with JS because I’m a lazy… It draws caricatures in 33 milliseconds. In just 1 second of concentration, it can do 30, it is not lazy... 30 per second is about the same as in an animated movie. And I admit that I’m a liar, because I also drew these cartoons. I drew them, and I programmed them. With JS, this simple internet program called JavaScript (and its canvas tag).

var canvas = document.getElementById('mycanvas'); ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');

It is everywhere on the internet, stimulated by our browsers and interacting with internet content [1]. For us designers and cartoonists, this means that we can offer editable and interactive content to a reader through his electronic terminal (smartphone, laptop, etc.). Because JS can take into account the input datas, constantly follow the position of your mouse or finger on the screen, even the orientation and the movement of your smartphone... Amazing!

In short, it is a good technique to bring the drawings to life in interaction with the person handling it. And this can give us very surprising results.

[1it’s no secret that html DOM (Document Object Model) is an API for JavaScript :-)

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